1st April 2017

As we enter April already and our first week comes to an end we have gone from tough poor fishing to elation in one small step. 74.10

Eventually we began to see some fish being banked and, while 5 forties to 48.03, common, are not to be sneezed at, none of the fifty plus fish had seen a net.


Friday afternoon rectified that with Pat sending out the whoops of success. I was called by Alan to bring the scales and camera so I knew it was a good fish and as soon as I arrived in Pat’s swim I recognized the fish. Pat estimated her at 55lbs and was convinced that it wouldn’t beat his PB of 61.13 which was Clover from last year but I was confident that it would. On the scales and the reading confirmed my thoughts. There, in all her glory, was Cut Tail at a new lake record weight of 74lbs 10oz.

well angled mate. You deserve that kipper.