24th March 2017

Well here we are again, on the eve of another new season.

Let me say a big thanks to Tom, Simon and Alan for their help this week in cutting down and logging up the dead and split trees that were, potentially dangerous.

With the work completed we were able to do a bit of fishing but, despite seeing plenty of rolling and bubbling fish, they seemed so mobile that it made it very difficult to get onto them properly. We did manage to catch a few but not the numbers that we expected. Last night we were visited by a pair of violent storms with thunder, lightning and heavy rain for most of the night and, as is often the case, the fish in my swim decided to feed. My first take came at 11.30pm followed by the second at 3am and the third, and largest, at 5.30am. Soaked through for the first two meant just getting back into bed to dry out so it was pleasant to have the third during and improved weather spell. In order of appearance they weighed (all mirrors) 45.14, 43.01, 48.14 and amazingly, something that I didn’t realize until I updated my records, the last fish turned out to be my 300th of 40lbs plus.

Now let’s see the lake record smashed by a happy customer.

be lucky.