5th March 2017

Into the first of the “spring” months and the weather has certainly improved. We are not out of the woods yet but it’s certainly better than the minus 15 and solid ice lid that we suffered for the whole of January. We have been watching fish feeding all around the lake with no particular area seeming to be of more interest. It certainly appears that they are very mobile because, one morning they may be in front of Boneyard and that afternoon they are in front of Second Pontoon.

Alan arrived back in mid February and we have been busy every day since with cutting back and burning unwanted and fallen branches, erecting new canopies outside the lodge, re bedding and filling the drive pot holes and generally getting everything ready for the end of the month. Jan has been staining and painting as well as giving everything the final touches so we are on track for opening. Added to all of the work that we carried out during the depths of the season and it has been a very busy winter.

Right, now some fishing related stuff. Whilst we have been working Alan and I have been putting the rods out during the days. We haven’t worked hard at it but have tried different areas over the course of five days with the rods going out at about 8 am and wound in at about 6.30 pm. So far we have had 5 carp between us. Alan has banked 3 mirrors at 36.06, 37.06 and 42.08 while i have had a common at 32.02 and a mirror at 51.12. [an unrecognized fish]. The most impressive thing to come out of this is that they have all been solid and obviously not underfed for their winter under the ice, plus, they have all fought extremely hard. Now, if the big girls have fared just as well we may be in for some extreme surprises early in the season.

51.12 4th March 2017