13th February 2017

 well here we are in mid February already. January was evil and it’s good to see the air temperatures gradually climbing. Not a lot of signs of feeding fish yet but enough to show that they are slowly waking up. We are putting in some food for them now but not too much as I want them to eat as much of the naturals as possible.  I was recently asked which of our fish would be most likely to brake the 75lbs barrier this year and my obvious answer was to say Cut Tail and Half Lin. However, that also got me thinking about the younger fish and a few that spring to mind are Footsteps, Peach, Twin, Pretty One, Black Scale, Horeshoe Scale etc. etc. Now all of these are fish that have been born in the lake and are doing well, but there are another batch of very young fish which have been born since the last drain down in November 2011. That was the drain down that finally eradicated the bloody poison chats so all of the young fish born since that day have had much, much less competition for food during their early years. We saw carp of 4 years old last year (born spring 2012, so 4 years old in spring 2016) reach mid thirties already.  Those are the fish that interest me nearly as much as the progress of the big, known fish. If we were to see one of these make 40lbs plus at 5 years old then we have a base stock which could set the carp world alight. Exciting days to look forward to.Be lucky.