Top Quality French Carp Fishing

NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 41 + different 50lb. plus carp

and 6 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Is there anywhere to charge phones, cameras etc?

Yes. We have installed English sockets so that adaptors are not needed.

How many fish will we catch?

This is a question to which it is impossible to give an exact answer, and there is not a single fishery anywhere in the world which can give a guarantee to any angler that he will catch even one fish. However, we are proud to be able to say that we have seen very few anglers blank since opening in 2002. The lake is not technically difficult to fish but rewards those anglers who put most effort into watching the water and trying to work out where the carp are feeding each day. We have seen several anglers land thirty or more fish during their week, with one angler taking 48 carp including 38 of 30 lb+ and seven “forties”, making an average of 38lb 8oz. following our drain down of November 2011 we saw a big increase in the “normal” size of carp caught during 2012 and the average is now close to 40lb with at least 70 different carp above this weight.

Are there any additional legal requirements for driving in France?

You will need to check for up to date “revisions” before travelling as the laws seem to change fairly frequently, but the current laws require you to:-

 Carry a full set of spare light bulbs for your vehicle, Carry a warning triangle.

Have “Hi-Vis” vests for all passengers and these must be accessible from within the car. Carrying them in the boot is not acceptable.

Have all driving and insurance documents in the vehicle, carry a breathalyser kit.

I would also suggest that you carry some euro cash with you so that you are in a position to pay “on the spot fines” (normally 90 euros for speeding) without the hassle of being escorted to the bank to withdraw the money.

What baits do we need and how much?

We feed the carp with boilies during the spring and, by the time the season opens, they are accepting them as a “natural” food source. These baits will be adjusted or tweaked to suit conditions each year and my advice would be to contact us prior to your trip.

I would advise that you need about 15kg of boilies for a week's fishing and a “boilie only” approach has certainly been the most productive method over the years.

Do you supply bait or do we need to bring it?

We carry a good stock of boilies so it is always available for purchase on site. However, with the transport costs, it will also be more expensive on site than if purchased in England. I feel that the most cost-effective way would be to bring, say 10kg, of bait with you from England and then purchase, from us, any more you need. We will arrange good purchasing rates for you with our bait suppliers.

Are Mosquitoes a problem?

Any stretch of water will hold a certain number of mosquitoes, but we don’t have a major problems with them. Luckily, the lake contains thousands of small predator fish, from sun-perch to the common perch, and these thrive on small insects in the shallow, reedy margins, so most of the larvae get eaten before they hatch.

Can bank sticks be used in the swims or do we need rod pods?

During summer the lakeside can be baked, very hard and bank-sticks can be difficult to force through this crust. My own method is to use a bivvy peg to make the pilot hole or even a cordless drill and this can be useful when pegging down the bivvy. The swims are flat so pods are easily used if you prefer

Do we need to bring barrows to transport gear to the swims?

We have two large “farmers bale barrows” on site and these are strong enough to hold as much as you can lift, and then some.

Do we need to bring our own containers for water?

Yes. Our water is from our own well and is filtered through the house filter and is fine for tea and coffee (It’s what we live on). However, it is possible that it contains bacteria that your stomach may not be used to as most of the English water supply is chlorinated. I would therefore suggest that you drink bottled water as a cold drink, just as a “belt and braces” protection. We do carry stocks of bottled water on site.

Are there local shops to top up supplies if needed?

There are indeed. We have a good “Aluchan” supermarket in “Sennecey-le-Grand” which is about 15 minutes away and then a huge “Carrefour” and also “Leclerc” supermarket in “Chalon-sur-Saone” which is about 30 minutes away. We go to the shops virtually every day as all of our meals are bought and prepared from fresh food, so we can normally pick up any items that you require as long as you let us know during breakfast of that day.

Does the bailiff or owner fish with the customers every week?

No, but occasionally there may be options for one of them to fish. but only once all of the paying guests are set up and there appears to be an area of the lake not being covered. We see, far too often, that the carp are likely to move into quiets areas and avoid the anglers bait. With another angler in place we have found that it helps to keep the fish on the move and gives everyone a better chance. Of course there are some regular groups who invite them to fish but we think they deserve a bit of r&r as repayment for the effort they put in through the whole year to keep the fishery, and fish, in mint condition