Top Quality French Carp Fishing

NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 41 + different 50lb. plus carp

and 6 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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After the traumas of the move were over I decided to sit and diarise each step that we took towards our new life and this chapter and some of the others are taken from that diary and are therefore written in the present tense rather than the past.

It is now 21st December 2001 and I am sitting in a rented Gite on a farm in a village called Esbarres (pronounced Ezbar) in eastern Burgundy. We are about as ready as we could ever be in our adopted country, it is the shortest day of the year and our youngest daughter Sharon and her husband and daughter Bethany are due to be spending a week with us over the new year.

We actually completed, eventually, the sale of our house in England on 7th December, loaded up our Isuzu Trooper with our two Jack Russells, one Great Dane and a cat and headed off to deepest Kent to spend the night with Jan’s Mum and to give ourselves time to say goodbye to her and Jan’s brother and sister. I must admit that it also meant that we would escape any more gut-wrenching, tear jerking hugs from my wonderful daughters and grandchildren.

We had spent the evening of the 6th December in a restaurant just outside Bicester with our whole family. The meal was superb and the conversation somewhat convivial with many anecdotes about past times spent together. However, as with all these wonderful get togethers, there came a time to leave and we all knew that the end of this evening would mark a massive change to our entire family. “Why oh why do I get us into these bloody situations?” - everything was going fine until my wife turned to say goodbye to our eldest daughter, Teresa. They both burst into tears and then both of our other daughters joined in so I also found it impossible to stop the tears from flowing. The farewell was absolutely horrendous and I did actually ask Jan if she would ever be able to forgive me for dragging her away from “her girls.”

I have to say that, had she been strongly against the idea I would have given up there and then no matter what the financial implications. Between sobs she told me that it was only the farewells that were upsetting and as long as she was able to travel back to England for regular visits everything would be fine. After what Jan has done for me I would carry her back on my shoulders if necessary but could I face even more of those bloody farewells every year.

I am pleased to say that we had telephone calls from each of our girls the following morning and all of them said that they were now fine and it was only the act of saying goodbye that had caught them out and they were looking forward to visiting our new home in the new year.

On the house sale front our, the last two weeks in England were a nightmare. The man who was buying our house was an American lawyer who works for a large company in London and he was extremely fastidious. He was also one of those people who does everything at one speed - dead slow. As an example, he phoned on the Monday of the final week to ask if he could come round to make sure that water came out if he turned on the taps. Outrageous.

By contrast the purchase of our new French house was a doddle. Right from the very day that we agreed the price we were given the latest date that we would be able to move in and, in fact this improved as the process continued. I must admit that I was very lucky to have chosen a very efficient solicitor, based in London, who specialised in purchasing houses in France.

On top of this we chose an area of Burgundy controlled by a notaire called “Maitre de Serrazin” who was very aware of exactly how important it is for each individual to be settled into their new home as quickly as possible and with as little stress as possible. He went out of his way to clear up all the queries about night fishing, camping, building the lodge etc. and made our life so much easier. I heard from other people in similar circumstances that this was far from being the “norm” and some of their stories were horrendous.

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Chapter Two - Walking the Walk