Top Quality French Carp Fishing

NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 50+ different 50lb. plus carp

and 14 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Since we opened Moorland Fisheries in 2002, we have found it necessary to introduce some basic rules.

These will always be kept to a minimum, but the following list is essential for the welfare of our fish, and also to maintain the beauty of our wonderful surroundings.


1. No nuts of any kind.

2. No shelf life boilies.

3. No maggots to be used between 15th March and 15th October.

(We would take this opportunity to recommend the use of the Dynamite Baits "Complex-T" as these are fed to the fish in vast amounts over the course of the season and are accepted by our stock as a "natural" food source)


1. No hooks smaller than size 4.

2. No fixed or tether rigs of any kind. (Checks will be made during your stay.)

3. No lead clips. (Running rigs or naked chod/helicopter rigs are fine, .....but must be fished WITHOUT a top bead)

4. No in-line leads.

5. No back leads. (Captive back leads fixed to the bank are fine,)

6. No leaders of any kind. (This includes the "safe zone" types)

7. No uncoated braid hook links.

8. No bent hooks or long shank curved hooks.

9. Minimum 15lbs (0.35mm dia) breaking strain main line. No braid mainline under any circumstance.


1. Baitboats are now allowed, but must only be used within the water confined for each swim. Anyone found using one in another swim’s water, will be asked to leave.

2. No other types of boats are to be used.

3. No dogs.

4. Swims must be kept tidy at all times to prevent rubbish being blown into the lake. It is also rubbish and beer spillage (empty bottles left laying around) which attract mice and rats.

5. Lakeside trees and vegetation must not be damaged.

6. No sacking of fish under any circumstances.

7. No open fires.

8. Three rods maximum per angler. Rods must not be left unattended at any time.

9. All anglers must have at least 42” landing net and a good quality weigh/retainer sling.

10. NO fish to be kept in slings/retainers for more than 15 minutes MAXIMUM

11. The aeration system pipes run along the centre of the lake. NO casting beyond the boundary of your chosen swim.

This also applies to casting into adjacent swims that are not occupied. By keeping within the bounds of your own swim, will enable other anglers more choice around the lake.

Whilst we do not wish to be any kind of "killjoy" we must ask for everyone to be sensible with their alcohol intake. We are proud of the condition of our carp and know how difficult they can be, to control in the cradle, in broad daylight while stone cold sober. In the middle of the night while under the influence of alcohol they would be impossible to look after properly. That is not to mention the danger that you put yourselves in while being drunk on the banks of any lake. In order to avoid any misunderstanding we will ask anyone who appears to be inebriated to not fish for that night and to start fishing again after breakfast the following day. Anyone who does not abide by this request will simply forfeit the remainder of their holiday and will be asked to leave immediately.