Top Quality French Carp Fishing

NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

120 -150 different carp of 40lb. or bigger inc. 41 + different 50lb. plus carp

and 6 different 60lb plus carp And 2 known 70lb plus carp.

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Now that the quality of the fish, the facilities and the fishing at Moorlands is out there for all to see, it’s no surprise that the number of anglers coming to fish here is growing.  

Many of this years anglers are returning regulars but some are new visitors and may not be familiar with the rules and the way we like to run things at Moorlands. So now is as good a time as any just to familiarise everyone with a few things.  First of all a good start would be for everyone to actually read the copy of the rules on our website, it really does save everyone a lot of hassle long term, and would put a stop to any genuine misunderstanding.  

The main rules are that leaders of any description are not allowed, no lead core leaders, no safe zone leaders, no leaders of any description are allowed.  Main line for Carp is a minimum 15lb breaking strain. Lead clips are also banned. It makes no difference whether you trim your tail rubber or the leg of the clip, nor does it matter what other lakes do, all clips are banned, as are all in line leads.We do NOT insist that you use tubing as it was never intended to be for fish protection. It is simply to reduce tangles when using braided hook links and that leads nicely to my next point. Uncoated, braided hook links are not allowed. If you must use a combo rig or strip back part of the coating then no more than half inch to be stripped back.

I know it’s an old fashion concept these days and it’s all about me me me now, but we still expect our anglers to fish with consideration.  If you are fishing into the main bowl of the lake you must NEVER cast more than half way across. There are aeration heads and lilies along the centre line so there's no excuse, apart from which, casting beyond the centre would risk the air line being punctured.

        Before making your swim choice and casting out, just have a look around you, see where the swims to your left are, see where the swims to your right are, and see where the swims across from you are.  If those swims are occupied, speak to the people in them and find out where they are fishing.  If the swims are empty, then bear in mind that during your session it’s quite likely that someone may occupy them.  Are you fishing in their water?  It’s no good chucking 10 kilo of bait into what is quite clearly not your water, only to have someone move in next door.  It doesn’t matter if you have put 10 kilo or a single out, if you are in someone else’s water you will have to re position your rods and fish in the confines of your own swim.

        It’s so much easier to think about these things before hand and it saves everyone a lot of grief if we all avoid these situations before we even cast a line out.  I’m not saying anything revolutionary here, it’s simple good manners and courtesy.  I don’t care if you are the hardest bloke on the planet, manners and decency are not a sign of weakness, they are what makes the lake (and the world by the way) a better place.  Just please think of other people before you make a decision, be aware of your surroundings and how your fishing may impact on others.

Please also be aware that we run a carp fishing holiday, we do not run Club 18 to 30 holidays, you are not in Ibiza when you are on our lake and you are certainly not in J D Wetherspoons.  If you want to party then by all means get yourselves off to them places, don’t come to our lake. If you have a radio or ipad or iphone or any of the other noise polluting gadgets, there is a simple thing to remember, If anyone else can hear it, it’s too loud.  It’s not for you to decide how loud other people think it is or isn’t.  It’s quite simple, If anyone else can hear it it needs turning off or at the very least turning down.

Fish care.

 Everyone who fishes our lakes must use a cradle, we provide them for each angler. We expect the fish to be returned freely to the water in less than 10 minutes after it enters the landing net.  Get it in the net, leave it there in deep enough water while you get your scales, camera, medicare and water bucket sorted, make sure your cradle is as near to the water as possible to minimise the distance the fish as to be carried from the water to the net. Never lift any fish that looks to be thirty plus without placing a suitable sling under the net and do not ever ever put photo location before the safety of the fish, IE do not carry the fish 30 yards so you can have a photo  in a more picturesque location.  If you catch a fish in the night do not ever ever retain it until daylight.  Again the simple rule is, get it in the net and back into the lake within a maximum of 10 minutes, no excuses, no exceptions.

I have tried not to make this to heavy and really it is all basic stuff.  I’ll talk about cleaning the toilet after yourself and keeping your swims tidy, so as not to attract rats, another time.  Your behaviour has a massive impact on everyone else so let’s make it a positive one.  Let’s keep the old values, let’s keep the sporting etiquette, and let’s keep fishing in peace and tranquillity.  

I REALLY hate having to send people home early but it has been necessary in the past. Please don't make it necessary again.

Thank you