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We now expect all fish that look to be on, above or near to fifty pounds to be kept in the water for all unhooking, checking, weighing and photographing. We have been doing this with the new cradles for a while now and it’s the only way to ensure their safety.

Lake Record

NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

Moorland Fisheries

2020 has been a year to forget for several reasons. The backlash from Covid19 has meant that we have needed to move over 100 holidays to 2021/22 and that lack of spaces will make things tough for all of us. Add to that that 2020 has also been the driest year, since records began, for the Burgundy region. That fact has also been compounded by the previous two winters also being the driest ever and this combination has resulted in us seeing the lowest water level in our 19 years here. Outside of just our fishery levels there are major problems for the farming community with bans on all forms of irrigation for the crops and we are seeing hundreds of acres of various plants simply dying in the fields. We are even seeing the likes of the blackthorn, around our lake, dying and that is normally as hard as nails.
The impact of all this has resulted in the majority of the fish being concentrated at the dam end of the lake with First and Second Pontoons or Pampas and Mistletoe being the “going” swims. The luck of a good draw or fishing with mates who are prepared to share could make, or break, the holiday. It is also worth noting that wading (knee deep) to net the fish is also imperative. We are even more relieved that we went to the trouble to install the aeration system some years ago!
In the light of all the above we need to think ahead and to be a bit more flexible for the future. If the last couple of winters and this summer are a sign of things to come, ie. a changing climate making this more frequent or even normal then we must consider reducing the number of anglers on the August and September weeks but might be able to cover this shortfall over the other weeks of each season. We will continue to monitor this and decide as we go but it will not ever effect the exclusive bookings. We may also need to extend the season into November but we will also give this some real thought first.
Right, now onto some more positive plans. I am currently waiting for our seine net to arrive and we will be netting the corners and bays of the lake as often as we can through each winter. The plan is to remove any rudd and any carp under 25lbs that we catch in order to give the remaining stock more room to grow. With luck, the current scaley thirties and forties will rapidly climb up another step and become some very sought after forties and fifties.
Wish us luck.


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120 -150 different carp of 40lb or bigger inc. 50 different 50lb plus carp
               and 10 different 60lb plus carp up to 76lb 15oz. 

Moorlands carp lake is a 14 acre, 300 year old estate lake set in our own 33 acres of securely fenced, beautiful and totally undisturbed countryside.
At Moorland Fisheries we have created 18 swims, which range from very comfortable, open swims to more intimate swims, where you can get close to nature.
This also means that with 18 swims and a maximum of 10 anglers, you will always have plenty of choice, should you want to change swims or to try some stalking in the quiet areas during your stay.

When you arrive we will help with advice on our observations of feeding fish and captures so that you can make your swim choices based on knowledge rather than guesswork.
We also advise you to try to arrive on the Friday so that you can meet the departing anglers to discuss tactics, amount of bait used etc. as well as benefiting from being able to drive down in daylight rather than in darkness.

In one corner of the lake we have a dining lodge which is based on a small “English country pub.” It is where we serve English breakfasts and two course evening meals (included in the price) and it has a log fire for the colder weeks.
We also have English toilet and shower facilities with free hot water 24/7, as well as English electrical sockets for charging phones and cameras etc.
We are sure that you will fall in love with the place as soon as you arrive, and we will do our very utmost to help you catch the fish of your dreams.

Baitboats are now allowed, but must only be used within the water confined for each swim. Anyone found using one in another swim’s water, will be asked to leave. 

                    Today's weather at Moorlands

Once you have booked your holiday you will find our lake by using this address:-

Etang du Roivre
La Chapelle de Bragny
Telephone: 07536 985887 

Contact Keith direct on

Should you require any further information,
or to book a holiday,
please use the enquiry form provided.  Contact form