We now expect all fish that look to be on, above or near to fifty pounds to be kept in the water for all unhooking, checking, weighing and photographing. We have been doing this with the new cradles for a while now and it’s the only way to ensure their safety.

Lake Record

NEW Lake Record caught on 26th. April 2017 at 76lb 15oz

Moorland Fisheries


This is going to sound silly but the fact is that we now have so many forties that it is impossible to keep an accurate track of all of them. The best we can say is that we now have at least 120 forties to target.
In a similar vein we are now finding it more and more difficult to track and recognise each new fifty unless they have distinct scale markings. Therefore, the most accurate that we can be is to say that we have at least 50 carp over 50lbs. We have taken the decision to stop trying to name every new fifty. Obviously some of them will be very recognisable and the scale pattern will generate a suitable name without us striving to find one.
For this page we will concentrate on the 17 best known of our fish, which are all easily recognised and these are all over 55lbs. This list will possibly change over the years (even months maybe) as more, young fish, overtake the existing big girls and we will try to keep it as up to date as possible.
We now approach another new season and growth rates have continued to impress us with some very young fish bursting through the ranks.

 That leads nicely on to the updated list
of our  biggest fish: 

Cut Tail–76lbs 15oz              Half Lin–74lbs 15oz

Clover–60lbs 6oz                   Round Scale–60lbs 0oz

Pipesmoker–61lbs 10oz      Peach–67lbs 3oz

Black Scale–57lbs 3oz          Dippy–61lbs 2oz

Footsteps–56lbs 10oz          Pretty One–62lbs 5oz

Galileo–60lbs 7oz                  Chunky-56lbs 2oz

Arfur–55lbs 3oz                     Andy’s Common–60lbs 0oz

Bob’s fish–56lbs 3oz             Chunky’s Double–55lbs 2oz

Horseshoe Scale–65lbs 15oz 

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